Become a Member

Ranges are open to members 24 hours/day, 7 days/week via key card access.

Membership is not required to use either range.  Range rentals with or without equipment are available during regular store hours only.  Guests of the firearms range will require a range officer to accompany them during a shoot. A visitor does not need a lesson to rent archery equipment.

Cost to rent a lane for one hour:

Gun Range – $35

Archery Range – $25 with rental equipment / $10 with own equipment

Membership Price List

Gun Range Membership                              Family $650                         Single $450

Archery Range Membership                       Family $450                         Single $350

Combination Gun/Archery                          Family $800                         Single $650

Monthly Archery Membership                                                                  Single $ 40           NEW!!

All firearm range members must attend an orientation and Triggers and Bows Shooting Range Safety Course at a one-time cost of $50. This is mandatory.

Monthly Archery Range Memberships are now available. Cost is $40/month, plus a one-time $30 fee for key card deposit and insurance. The membership is renewable every 30 days.

Printable membership application form:

Membership Application