Whats coming up in August!

Hello all!


August is an exciting month here at Triggers and Bows! Not only are we getting excited for the up coming deer, bear and turkey hunt but it is also our OPEN HOUSE SALE which is August 25, 26, 27.  On top of all that Renee and myself have been talking about Ladies night and starting a Men’s night.  We are working on some new exciting ideas and opportunities to help promote Triggers and Bows Shooting Range and services to better serve you! If you have any suggestions or ideas please let myself or Renee know.


We will keep posted!



Renee and Rob

Shooting Jerseys!!!




For everyone interested in picking up a shooting jersey this is the two designs we are looking at. please pick your favorite and email me at [email protected] and let me know. The most liked jersey style wins! For league members the jerseys will cost $50.00 per person. Anyone outside of the leagues is welcome to a shirt but the cost will be $70.00. The shirts will display your full name on the front and last name on the back for league members only. This is to keep the league members and regular customers separate.


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OIHL Members!!

To all the OIHL members;

I am very pleased to say our small rookie team placed 5th this past season.

In order to help the team grow, anyone interested in joining this challenging sport is invited to attend practise nights on the first Wednesday of the month.  Practise time is 6:30 and will run like a mock competition.

Click on these links for more information or contact Renee


Course of fire 

Everyone is welcome!  The range will not be closed to other members at the time for the practise.

First Blog!

Hello all!


Renee and myself have been working hard to update this website to give you the best service we can. If you look at both firearms and archery calendars you will see that they are now updated and full of great information. You will be able to see upcoming events and whats happening in the ranges at all times.We have been working on new ideas about exciting new courses, events and displays to help get T&B even more awesome! Would you like to have a sneak preview at whats coming next? Do you have an idea or suggestion on what you would like to see or have here at T&B? Please let us know by contacting us directly.


[email protected] for Firearms or [email protected] for Archery


More to follow!



Renee & Rob